Home Staging

When it's time to get it ready to appeal to a large audience, you often only have one chance to get that buyer in your house, so we have to make it memorable! Home Staging usually takes place in two steps:

Consultation - We will visit your home and complete a thorough walk-through starting at the curb and covering every square inch of your home. We will provide you with a detailed checklist of suggested items to be completed in order to prepare your home to sell. The types of tasks usually include packing items that you will not be using, organizing items that must stay, and detailed cleaning. We will also offer suggestions for adding curb appeal.

Staging - After you have completed the task checklist, we will return to your home and do the final Staging. Often, we will use your existing furniture and accessories. If needed, new items can be brought in to create the look we are trying to achieve. Furniture arrangement, strategic placement of decorative objects, and final touches will be completed at this time. We will also provide you with photos of your rooms after they have been staged to ensure you have a quick reference, so your home is ready to show each and every day.

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